10 Ways to Live A Happier Life

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

1. Listen to happy musicWhen you’re down and blue, your first musical inclination is to listen to really sad music. Don’t get me wrong, I know we listen to these songs because we feel like we could relate to them but if you’ve been depressed for a week and you’re listening to Taylor Swift songs on repeat, then I’m pretty sure it’s not helping. Why not jam to an upbeat rhythm and forget all your worries in the world. When I’m sad or upset I like to listen to is Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles. 3 minutes and five seconds of pure happiness here.
2. Keep yourself healthyEating right, exercising, yeah, all that jazz. Everyone is beautiful in their own skin, but wouldn’t it be more fun if you could enjoy the entirety of life with no worries. Not having to worry if you’re fit enough to do something exciting, not having to worry about eating too much sugar, all of this can be avoided if you keep yourself healthy. If you want to live a longer, happier life, all you have to do is to love your body. But don’t be afraid to let loose sometimes hehe.
3. Dress yourself upWear a pretty dress, put on makeup, make yourself feel pretty because sometimes you don’t see how much of a beautiful specimen you are. You might feel like you need a bit of foundation, a little bit of eyeliner, maybe you’d look prettier if you wore a sundress rather than a pair of jeans. Nothing is wrong with that. Nothing is wrong with making yourself feel good about, well, YOU, as long as everything is kept in moderation. Don’t want to go out looking like a drag queen, unless you’re into that type of thing.
4. Surround yourself with happy peopleI love being around people who are happy. When I feel bad about something, then I hang out with my friends, all the worries and sadness goes away. That’s the thing, happiness is contagious. All feelings are, to be honest. So surround yourself with people who give you positive vibes.
5. Don’t sweat the small stuffNow, this is something I really need to improve on. I’m a big worrier and it always reflects on my disposition. If you keep worrying about things, you’re not gonna achieve anything. No one knows what’s going to happen five years, or even five minutes from now. You just have to trust that everything happens for a reason.
6. Stop complainingThis is my forte. I’m not much of a complainer, I just like to go with the flow of things. Just like worrying, complaining does no good to you.Stop complaining about people, stop complaining about something that happened, and definitely stop complaining that someone’s life is better than yours. I’ll tell you what you can do, instead of complaining, do something about it. If something happened and you don’t like it, accept it. And if you feel like someone’s doing better than you or if you don’t like someone, you can’t change them, you can only change yourself. Make these people motivate you to work harder and become a better person.
7. Take a breakSometimes we all need to take a breather from real life and go into a fantasy, also known as, a vacation. You can go on a vacation in another country, in your country, you can even chill at your own house. Relax, forget everything, and just destress.
8. Have faithWhether you believe in Jesus or Allah, whether you believe that there is a God or not, having faith in something or someone can really help make you feel happier about life. It makes you stop worrying about life, because you’ll believe that you’ll never be alone.
9. Do what you loveWork doesn’t feel like work when you love what you do. A lot of people on this world are lucky to have jobs that they love and are passionate about. But some people like me, fall into the other half. Over these past few years that I’ve been studying a program that I initially didn’t want, I’ve learned to love it. I’ve learned that not only can you do what you love, but you can also learn to love what you do.

10. Smile
The easiest way to be happy is to smile. No one taught us to smile, it comes naturally to every person. So show them those pearly whites, when you smile, you look even more beautiful. :D