Hong Kong 2016

A few weeks into our vacation, we had snuck in a little excursion to the beautiful and bustling city of Hong Kong. The last time we went to Hong Kong was wayyyy back in 1999 when I was only two years old and my brother, Gabe, was still nonexistent. So, we decided we would go back and explore the city once again as four.

We arrived quite early in the morning at Hong Kong International Airport. As soon as we got out of the plane, I felt the need to wee (tmi, I know, but just listen, I have a point). So, I zoomed past the sea of people and made my way into the restroom. Even from the way Hong Kongers lined up for the stalls, I noticed that they had an awesome strategy, which made everything a whole lot more organized and a whole lot more fair. Instead of having one small line per stall, they just had a long line at the end of the closest stall which meant no one could cut in front of you. 

Aaaanyways.. once we came out of the airport, we looked for a taxi to get to our hotel because the hotel that we were staying at was actually in Kowloon which was on a different island from where the airport was. Luckily, the airport staff were very kind and helpful so we easily got a taxi.

Since it was still quite early to check into our hotel, the hotel staff told us that we could just leave our luggage at the front desk while we grabbed something to eat. We had brunch at a place called the Fung Ming Yuen Restaurant which was just across our hotel. Of course, I got some authentic Hong Kong wanton noodle soup which was absolutely delicious.

Another Hong Kong practice that I found really interesting was that, once they take your order, they write down the prices as well. Then, they stick it on a note stand in the middle of your table, so you could immediately see your whole order and how much it's all going to cost. Then, once you're done eating, you just bring the little piece of paper to the cashier and you pay from there.

After eating, we checked into our hotel and proceeded to explore the rest of Hong Kong. We walked to the nearby Innisfree because I really wanted to check it out. But it started to rain really hard so I rushed to buy a couple of makeup products. It was really funny because while I was paying at the counter, looking so anxious because my parents and little brother were waiting for me so we could go somewhere else, the cashier asked me if I wanted to add a bit more to my purchase because I could avail some sample sets. Stupid me said no, now I regret not getting the sample set lol. But anyways, after I declined her offer, she offered that I should join the Innisfree loyalty program because I could get a discount. God only knows how fast I filled up that form haha.


When I escaped the Innisfree store, we quickly made our way to the One mall because it was raining really hard and we needed to wait for it to settle down. We walked around for a bit and I found out that they had a Stylenanda which made me very VERY happy. Unfortunately, their prices were a bit too high so I ended up just getting a makeup product from their 3CE counter. I also saw online that there was a concept cafe there that had a Gudetama setup, but sadly, they had a different character when we went there. Some kind of peach man(?). I also saw a vending machine that sold makeup products which was pretty dang cool.

Later on that day, we walked to Kowloon Park. It was a very pretty area and luckily, I got a couple of nice photos before the rain started to pour once again. My favorite photo that I took was actually of a little old Chinese man who was holding his umbrella as he stood in front of one of the fountains.

Later that night, we took a taxi to the Temple Street Night Market where we got a couple of souvenirs and I had my first try at haggling. I don't think I was very good at it though haha. After walking for a bit more, we decided to have dinner at a little restaurant on the side of the street which served really authentic Hong Kong food. The Peking duck was absolutely delicious~~

Our second day in Hong Kong was probably my most favorite because that was the day we went to Hong Kong Disneyland. We took the MTR from Tsim Sha Tsui station to Lantau Island, which wasn't very difficult considering that it was our first time. As soon as we boarded the train that was going to take us to the resort, I felt jitters in my stomach. The train was all decked out in Disney deco and it made me ridiculously excited.

Ever since I was little, I was a massive Disney kid. It took me nearly twenty years to finally get to be in the happiest place on Earth, so I was very emotional. I seriously could not contain my happiness that even though it was cloudy and rainy and I was drenched, I could vouch that it was one of the most happiest moments in my twenty years of life.


Look at this Star Wars fanboy

This photo I took of Buddha is very memorable and special to me because after I took this picture one man stood near me and started bowing to the Buddha. I'm a Christian, but I'm very interested in Buddhist practices. I feel like just that small experience made me feel very enlightened.

The next day, was our last full day in Hong Kong, so we decided to take the MTR to Hong Kong Island which was across the Victoria Harbour from Kowloon. Hong Kong Island was where most of the tourist spots was. And at the very top of our itinerary was Victoria Peak. 

Unfortunately, since it was rainy and foggy, we couldn't get much of a view. Instead, we explored one of the malls that was there where they had a shop where they sold Hong Kong's famous egg tart (eggeu tareuteu. SVT fans will understand haha). I have to say, it was yummy but quite odd-tasting(?). I guess I was just used to the really sweet egg pies I had before in the Philippines. This one tasted more like scrambled eggs in a pie form. 

We also came across the Trick Eye museum and Madame Tussauds, where they had a beautiful cutout of my husband, Benedict Cumberbatch (wdym he's married already?? :((( ). Also, another fangirl-y thing I saw whilst I was there was the Haagen Dazs that MonstaX ordered from when they went to the peak as well as the bench they sat at (I know, deranged fangirl #noshame).

After exploring a bit more of Hong Kong Island, which included getting on the Hong Kong Observation Wheel (which MonstaX also went on ㅋ), we took a ferry back to Kowloon. If I'm correct, it was me and my brother's first time on a ferry, so that was a really cool experience.

OMG you do not understand how happy I was to see that HK Airport had Popeyes.. my love~~ 내 사랑~~ 我的爱~~


That trip to Hong Kong made me really fall in love with the city and it was definitely the best part of our 2016 vacation in my opinion. I can't wait to go back to Hong Kong very soon as well as explore the rest of Asia (*cough* KOREA.. Parents, I hope you're reading this haha). Thanks for having us this year, Hong Kong~~ I'll see you again soon. 谢谢~ 么么哒~~