Take it from Ferris Bueller 😄 #SaveFerris

Yo yo yo~~
This blog is finally alive again.
If you follow me on Twitter, you'd probably know that I ran a poll yesterday asking whether or not I should start posting on my blog daily. The thought popped into my mind because I felt like I had to fill the void of not making videos regularly on my YouTube channel.

So, now that you're reading this, you probably already know how the poll turned out. Here goes..

Today was a Sunday, so I naturally woke up feeling bummed because the weekend is over. Fun fact if you didn't know already, weekends in Qatar are on Friday and Saturday. Anyways, I felt really tired since I slept at 11-ish and on work days I need to get up at 4AM.

I had a massive headache so I just brushed it off and thought it would go away as the day went on..

After saying good morning to my little plant friend, Edna, I headed off to work. 
(( Geddit, coz she's a head ))

She's growing soooooo much hair yay!!

I was all good for the first few hours at the office, but around 9:30 I started to feel really hot and slightly nauseous.

I thought I was getting a fever since my mom had had it for a couple of days already.

Anyways, long story short, I ended up coming home early because I realized the reason for me feeling sick was because I was PMS-ing.

It's really cold nowadays and it's really easy to catch viruses. So, dress warm and don't get sick~