Pumpkin Picking at Maan Farms

Autumn has finally arrived and I felt very eager to finally celebrate one of my most favourite seasons in full force. My friends, who had been in Abbotsford a year ahead of me, shared that they had visited a place called Maan Farms last Autumn. Even back in Qatar, where Autumn was just an artificial season, my mom and I always picked up tiny pumpkins or munchkins from the supermarket to inject a bit of Autumnal interior decor. However, this year was quite different because I finally had the chance to pick my own pumpkins, so I was extremely excited. After a lot of scheduling and researching about Maan Farms' opening hours, we finally found time to visit the farm and check out their pumpkin patch. We woke up bright and early one fine Sunday morning, put on our coats, beanies, and rain boots, and made our way to the land of pick-your-own-pumpkins.

The farm was pretty close to our university, so we decided to meet up with the guys there and walk twenty minutes to Maan Farms. Whilst waiting for the boys, we had a little photoshoot which ended up with some pretty sick shots.

University students or models? I'm not sure.

Can I touch yo leg?

Abbey Abby Road

Even though it was a long walk to the farm from our university, we had the loveliest time and took the cutest pictures. Here are a few of my favorites:

A farm we saw from a distance really reminded me of the farm from TWD season 1 👻


Once we arrived at the farm, we were greeted by rows and rows of bright orange pumpkins. Maan Farms' annual Pumpkin Patch had just opened fairly recently, which meant it was quite early in the pumpkin season so there were still a lot of good ones. We took loads of photos with the pumpkins, big and small. I did manage to find a good medium-sized one and two munchkins, which I've decided to use as fall decor and placed them on the hearth of our fireplace.


We all float down here 🎈

"That's a watermelon." -Darnell, 2017


So whether you want to pick up some fresh produce or pumpkins for Halloween, or if you just want to have a lovely Autumnal photoshoot, I would definitely recommend visiting Maan Farms or a similar farm in your own area. It's always a great idea to get a breath of fresh air and get into the Autumn/Halloween festivities.