About Me

My name is Angel. I was born in 1996. I love to write and I enjoy anything fashion, beauty, and lifestyle related. I took Web Development in college, so I'm a bit of a nerd lol
Waaaaay back when I was quite young, I joined an editorial writing contest at school. It was just for fun, really, but I won first place. That was when I discovered my love for writing. Being the fangirl I was, I started writing stories about my favorite Harry Potter characters, even including myself as an original character. Little did I know at that time, that those were called Fanfictions.
But as I grew older, I started to lean towards more girly things and I started wearing makeup, just your basic mascara and lipgloss combination though, nothing fancy. At some point in my teenage years, I made a friend at school who absolutely loved makeup and wrote blogposts about it. That kind of inspired me to do the same, but since I was quite a noob at makeup, I wrote about other things too.
I’m not saying in any way that I am now an expert at everything I talk about on this blog, because I’m still learning, too. And I hope that you guys will join my in my journey to discovering not only new things about the world around me, but also within myself.
Hope you enjoy reading!!